Logbook Program

Do you spend a lot of time on the water or have a waterfront home or business? Do you see marine mammals frequently?

We need your help! British Columbia’s coastline is so extensive that we depend upon the dedication of professional mariners and coastal residents to inform us of whales, dolphins, porpoise and sea turtles in their area.

We provide logbooks to frequent sighters to make it easier to keep track of your sightings. It’s as simple as keeping your logbook on your boat and recording your sightings as you encounter whales, and then sending in the pages at your convenience, whether it’s monthly or at the end of your season.

Our logbook observers currently include marine mammal researchers, lighthouse keepers, whale watching companies, kayaking and ecotourism companies, Coast Guard personnel, B.C. ferry personnel, commercial fishers and waterfront residents. Join us!

If you’d like your own logbook for yourself, your crew or your summer cabin on the island, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you one.  Alternately, you may report your sightings online, via email (sightings@vanaqua.org) or through our toll-free number 1 866 I SAW ONE (472 4336)

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