Reporting your sightings

Welcome to our online sighting form. By analyzing reported sightings we are able to gain valuable information about species distribution patterns and aid in future recovery and management plans for species at risk.

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You can also report your sightings by:

  • Calling our toll-free hotline: 1.866.I.SAW.ONE
  • Emailing
  • Using a hard-copy logbook (please call or email to request a free logbook)
  • Downloading our smartphone app, WhaleReport

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Please remember to include the following information with each report:

  • Date and time of sighting
  • Location (detailed description and/or latitude and longitude)
  • Species
  • Group size
  • Distance animals were from observer
  • Sighting platform/vessel (if sighting occurred from a vessel please include name and length)
  • Any interesting physical markings or behaviour observed
  • Observer's full name
  • Observer's email and/or phone number

For help in identifying cetaceans, be sure to check out the Identifying Species section of our web site.

Thank you for participating in the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network!