Invite Wild Whales to your Event

If you live on B.C.’s coast and spend time on the water, we are available to give a special Wild Whales presentation for your school, nature group, professional organization or festival. Topics include natural history of whales, dolphins, porpoises and cetaceans in B.C., threats to marine species and simple actions everyone can take to help conserve marine wildlife. Email us for more information or to book a presentation!



 Upcoming Events

Feb 7th-9th: Depredation Workshop

March 10th-25th: Pacific Rim Whale Festival

April 6th: Entanglement Response Workshop

April 17th: Aquatic Cafe Series, Hosted by the BCCSN-Sonic Sea Screening and Port of Vancouver Presentation

May 5th: Fingerling Festival

June 10th: World Oceans Day Festivals (Victoria/Sechelt)