Cape Roger Curtis, Bowen Island

The Bowen Island Whale Trail site is located on the south west corner of the island, in the Cape Roger Curtis area. It’s lovely western view looks toward Vancouver Island and offers glorious sunsets, not to mention whale sightings. 

Historically, the outer waters of Howe Sound around Bowen Island were teaming with fish and marine mammals. However, pollution from industry, over-fishing, and shoreline development greatly reduced the populations of many species. Fortunately, clean-up of industrial pollution and conservation projects over the past three decades have brought about a great recovery of life in Howe Sound. To learn more about the ecology, conservation, and history of Howe Sound, check out Ocean Watch.

Where the whales are

There is a Whale Trail B.C. information sign a few steps from the small parking area at the end of Roger Curtis Lane. The sign is above a bluff with great ocean sight lines. 

Which animals can you expect to see?