Community Pier

Prince Rupert

Marine mammals regularly appear in the Prince Rupert harbour and surrounding area. Harbour seals and harbour porpoise are the most common to spot from the pier. Both are small and may surface quickly, so keep a sharp look out. Resident and Bigg’s (transient) killer whales occasionally visit these waters to feed. Resident killer whales feed on fish (primarily salmon) while Bigg’s killer whales prey on other marine mammals like seals. Humpback whales have made a strong comeback in this area after whaling was banned on our coast in the 1960s. Watch for their tall blow that erupts from the water when they exhale. Translation of this sign into Sm’álgyax, the language of the Tsimshian people, has been generously provided by the Sm’algyax Language Authority Committee.

Which animals can you expect to see?