Deep Bay Marine Field Station

Deep Bay, B.C.

Baynes Sound is home to all forms of marine life. Even the smallest invertebrates that you encounter along our shores belong to a food web that helps support the world’s largest creatures. Look out the windows of Deep Bay Marine Field Station and keep your eyes peeled for harbour seals and sea lions – or listen for their characteristic barks and roars. Watch for breaching humpback whales and the distinctive dorsal fins of killer whales (orcas). You may even catch a glimpse of a grey whale. When out on the water, watch for acrobatic Pacific white-sided dolphins, elusive harbour porpoise, and quick-swimming Dall’s porpoise. This remarkable marine environment, located in the unceded territories of the Coast Salish First Nations, is home to the animals in our aquariums as well as the amazing animals featured along the Whale Trail.

Where the whales are

The best place to see whales is… 

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Harbour seal

Stellar sea lion