Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

East Limestone Island is located in the K’uuna Gwaay Conservancy on Haida Gwaii. This island is home to Laskeek Bay Conservation Society’s remote field station where the organization has been conducting long-term monitoring and research for nearly 30 years with the support of citizen scientist volunteers. These volunteers spend a week on the island supporting their staff to monitor the marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Data gathered, including marine mammal sightings, contributes to a wide range or broader research projects, including the work of the BCCSN. 

In order to visit Limestone Island, you will need to volunteer with LBCS for one week. For more information, visit Laskeek Bay Conservation Society

Where the whales are

Whales are most frequently seen in the spring and early summer. Visitors can see whales all around Laskeek Bay and from the shores of East Limestone Island. 

Which animals can you expect to see?