Irvines Landing

Pender Harbour, B.C.

Pender Harbour, also known as kalpilin, lies in the traditional territory of the shíshálh Nation, and has always been a welcoming safe harbour for any mariner travelling the west coast. The waters of Pender Harbour are used by a variety of marine mammals for feeding, breeding, resting, overwintering, and migrating. Inside the harbour it is common to observe seals, sea lions, and river otters. Outside the harbour (and occasionally inside!), one might see harbour porpoises, Dall’s porpoises, or Pacific white-sided dolphins chasing schools of herring or anchovies. Bigg’s (Transient) killer whales can often be seen hunting seal pups along the shores of Francis Peninsula. In Malaspina Strait, along the shores of Nelson and Texada Islands, you may witness humpback whales feasting on the krill and schooling fish that thrive on the nutrient-rich waters pouring out of Jervis Inlet.

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Stellar sea lion

northern river otter


California sea lion