Thieves Bay, Pender Island

The Gulf and San Juan Islands of the Salish Sea are part of a remarkable archipelago of rocky islands, shallow bays, reefs and deep canyons that support the world’s smallest and largest marine creatures. These waters are used by marine animals for feeding, breeding, resting, overwintering and migrating to areas north and south. Your stewardship is vital in protecting the diverse and fragile marine waters of the Salish Sea. 

Where the whales are

In the spring and summer, look for the distinctive dorsal fins of killer whales (orcas). Both resident and Bigg’s (transient) killer whales are common sights in these waters. Resident killer whales eat fish, and strongly prefer salmon, while Bigg’s killer whales eat marine mammals. The blows of humpback whales can be seen, and often heard, from spring through fall. Playful harbour seals are common around the docks all year.

Which animals can you expect to see?




Photos from The Whale Trail B.C.