Projects & Resources

Check out our current projects, guides, and resources for mariners and citizen scientists.

Check out our identification guides for cetacean and sea turtle species found in B.C., humpback whales of the north coast, and pinniped and sea otter species found in B.C. 

Check out our resources designed to assist in the mitigation of threats to cetacean species in B.C. Threats covered include entanglement, vessel disturbance, depredation and underwater noise. 

The Whale Trail BC is a land-based whale watching initiative which establishes marine mammal viewing sites along the coast of  British Columbia.  The goal of this initiative is to inspire stewardship and appreciation of the marine environment while providing opportunities for zero-impact whale watching.

The WhaleReport Alert System (WRAS) broadcasts pertinent details of whale presence to bridge crew and pilots of large commercial vessels so that they can implement speed reductions or other measures to reduce their risk of disturbing or striking whales.

The BCCSN Sightings Portal allows citizen scientists to view and download their cetacean and sea turtle sightings reported to the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network via WhaleReport.

The B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network considers data requests for academic research on ecology, basic biology, habitat use or related subjects, conservation assessment and planning, species recovery planning including critical habitat determination, and environmental impact assessment, evaluation and mitigation.

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