Report a Sighting

Did you See a Whale? Let us Know!

By reporting your cetacean (whale, dolphin, and porpoise) and sea turtle sightings, you are directly contributing to conservation-based research.  Sightings are analyzed to obtain valuable information about species distribution patterns and aid in future recovery and management plans for species at risk.

There are many ways to report:

Please include the following information with each report:

– Date and time of sighting

– Location (detailed description and/or latitude and longitude)

– Species

– Group size

– Distance animals were from observer

– Direction of animal travel

– Sighting platform/vessel (include vessel type, name, and length)

– Any interesting physical markings or behaviour observed

– Observer’s full name and contact info (email or phone number)

Other Ways to Report:

Give us a call at 1.866.I SAW ONE (1.866.472.9663)

Using a hardcopy logbook (please call or email to receive a free logbook)

If you see a dead or distressed marine mammal, please call the Marine Mammal Incident Reporting Hotline

1.800.465.4336 or VHF Channel 16


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