Threat Mitigation Resources

Resources to aid in the mitigation of threats to cetaceans and sea turtles in B.C.

This guide is targeted at large vessel mariners and aims to inform them about the cetacean species along the B.C. coast, threats to these animals that may be associated with large vessels and shipping, and how mariners can minimize these threats.

A resource for mariners to follow if they should ever encounter an entangled whale.  This guide will help vessel crew members to properly report, document, and help assess entangled whales to support authorized trained responders. 

Depredation (removal of fish caught on fishing lines) by toothed whales is a widespread problem in many oceans around the world. Download our guide which provides information outlines best practices for recreational and sport fishermen.

This report is the result workshop which identified the characteristics of underwater noise that negatively impact southern resident killer whales and developed a framework for standardized metrics for measuring, comparing and detecting trends in their underwater soundscape.